There are 3 different Mountains that surround the city of Split. On the eastern side lies the Mountain Kozjak, to the west the mountain Perun and the highest of the three Mosor, placed in between. The highest peak is called Veliki Kabal which is 1339m high at the Mounting of Mosor! View is spectacular and secrets reveal as you walk. It is an easy ride back and forth.

Mosor Mountain
1 day adventure
Excellent view
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There are not so many places where you can find combination of mountains and sea view like here. Enjoy in the view to the sea and islands and on the other side beautiful landscapes of Dalmatian countryside.

Trekking Mosor Mountain

We start our hike after 30 min drive from Split which takes us through the Dalmatian hinterland into the various villages like Sitno gornje (590 m). After a preliminary brief we commence the hike along the old incomplete Napoleon road which serves as a terrific warm up. The road leads us up a mountain trail and after a 40m hike during which we enjoy beautiful views looking on to the city of Split, the awe-inspiring coastline and islands. On the other side we observe the impressive Mosor mountain ridge. Afterwards we hike to a nice place, traditional Stone Mountain house (868m), where we take a refreshing break before continuing our trekking path. At this point we decide whether to hike the 1325m peak Vickov stup, which will take us 1.5 hours, or we choose an easier route to one of the nearby peaks Istarska glavica or Girometina vidilica. Afterwards, we enjoy an amazing view immersed in the surrounding nature that the mountain Mosor offers. wWe go back to the village Sitno Gornje happily tired from our memorable trekking Mosor mountain adventure!


Trip info:
Price: 33€
Transfer: 10Split – Mosor ( two way – 45 min)
Activity duration: 3 -6 h
Total activity duration with transfer: 6h
Meeting point: Split town center (st. Francis Church)
Experience: Not necessary
Routes are optional, you can choose from easy to advance.
Tips: take a hat, water, sun cream and camera